True Freedom Under God's Law

In a world filled with uncertainty, deception, and trickery, it’s paramount that health and freedom are protected. Without health and the ability to create, nothing remains. Light Dove Ministries (LDM) stands on the foundation of God’s law and believes everyone deserves access to both. LDM has established its foundation on the Rock as a private membership association (PMA) protected under constitutional law, trust law, and religious freedom rights, which provide the most robust form of protection.

Light Dove Ministries believes that all people should be able to live healthy, fulfilling lives free from government interference. Alphabet government agencies have weaponized their responsibility to protect and safeguard Americans provoking harm driven by business and profits rather than health and healing. LDM has built a community of like-minded members who share a zealous passion for American freedom and Judeo-Christian values established in truth and love for God and humanity.

LDM members receive access to vetted resources and services constructed on the infrastructure of transparency and verification. Services, products, and recommendations are fueled by the Hippocratic Oath, “To do no harm,” and will always remain centered on serving the member. All contributions made to Light Dove Ministries are 100% tax deductible.

As a valued member of Light Dove Ministries, you’ll contribute to a growing community of members committed to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Ongoing support, coaching, member forums, streamlined health protocols, educational modules, and seven pillars are the foundation of the ministry to embrace and protect God’s greatest creation in humanity. Living under constant threat and uncertainty, LDM exists as a navigational compass and beacon of light no matter how dark the world gets.
Whether through Light Dove advocacy efforts, educational programs, or support networks, LDM promises to help you stay informed and empowered.

If Not Now, Then When?

Join Light Dove Ministries today and plug into a Christ-centered ministry powered by prayer and driven solely to bring glory and honor to our King. Together, we’ll fight to ensure that our God-given freedoms remain strong and protected for generations.

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